Love poem: When the heart breaks.

It disperses, into the people you knew

it disperses into the spaces you’ve felt

It disperses into your creation

your creative drive.

even black holes are swirling

feeling out, your alluring

feeling in, re assuring

 If your assured.. If your willing to love so much, so freely,

that you show everyone they can be free.

It’s the wind in any given moment. Its the water rushing , we don’t own it. 

It’s our forest and a measure of fact

Its the woman with her heart in tacked 

like a tack holding you, deep. a hole

It’s everything and nothing 

the void and the soul.

It’s the core of the apple

the sword and the stone

decisive as time yet humble, a rhyme

Altitude changes our perception. 

imagination encourages deception

but truth prevails the shadows are outspoken

and light reveals whats hidden from the open

When you put yourself first

the person you thought didn’t exist 

reveals their self to you

Hey, I love you.

hey, I love you.

Hey, I fucking Love you!! 

like velvety forests of moss 

rushing water and socks

so warm when your toes are cold

holding tight cause we're just growing old

a million dollars in a forest of silk, 

you hydrate me when I'm starting to wilt

Your Beautiful, You look so pretty, I love the way you move, I love your brain, I love your body, your so sexy.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. good god, thank you so much…


 searching for contentment

 eager to be liberated

 completely impacted by liberators 

in the most gentle way possible

A heart tinder

to render the rest of my life.

object of my affection I am terrified by you

I am in ecstasy when I think of you.

open doors of creative enlightenment

creation immobilization liberation 

in front

of the feeling i make myself feel when you enter my mind

out of control yet completely protected.

by love.

ocean of integrity is only without law

intuition shines through 

encountered by all

insecure everlasting the discovery of the fall 

I am present, Here, With

thou who are climbing a surmountable wall

call of the wiled will be filled by your soul

hasty is not and time is a plenty

we are just a small speck and the telescope sees many.

Victory and freedom, tasting your skin

smooth like cream and butter

toast is the sin

we are eating it like breakfast   

and believing in we

as a human heart can tell you all it takes to be free..


“Darling can you pass the milk?”

“Have you seen yourself today?”

Thank you for staying strong and true

yourself care is better than me and you


Listen in peace, you are divine sound

Love more fully than you thought possible, love is eternal

I am way up in the sky with you surrounded by stars.

your magic hands, your magic lips, your magic feet

I release

for this light you’ve lit inside of me is more beautiful than all this earthly house can hold 

Thank goodness your giant wings can finally expand enough to hold us all at once

Spring Hummus

Spring offers us a plethora of nutrition rich food in the form of, "weeds." Some that you may be familiar with are the beloved Dandelion (Taraxacum), Blue Violet (Viola Sororia), and Chickweed (Stellaria media). These are all edible and nutritious and though you can eat them raw right out of the ground or mixed with other greens in a salad, I love to make pesto or hummus! These are all plants with beautiful flowers and leaves that are edible and medicinal. 

There are many ways to use these luscious greens and many reasons to add them to your diet, but today I'm just gonna give you a simple hummus recipe. 

1 cup chickpeas (canned or soaked and cooked)

1 TBS of Tahini

1 1/2 TBS of olive oil

A splash of lemon or lime juice

Pinch of salt and pepper to taste (you can also add things like turmeric, cumin or chili powder here)

1-2 Cups of Wild greens and flowers, Chickweed, Violet, and Dandelion (maybe less dandelion due to bitter taste.) You can also add garlic or ramps.

Blend it up!  If it's too thick to blend up add a little lemon juice or a splash more oil and enjoy with carrots, celery and chips!!

Halleluja Hips!

The hips are the connection of the legs to the trunk. The feet draw energy up from the earth pumping through the quads to the pelvis. This bowl like bone that holds reproductive and digestive organs. The hips are where the creativity in our gut is transformed into action through our legs. If the hips are out of balance or hurting there is probably a part of you're personal life that feels stuck. Are you a human that sits in a chair? Yes! Oh how funny, me too! My frontal hip flexors get super tight. Lunges are crucial to making me more fluidly move forward with the knowledge from my past. Releasing my inner groins opens me up to vulnerability and love, while opening my outer hips makes me feel self sustaining and stable. Having a daily hip opening practice is fundamental to living a life with more ease for optimum productivity. 

I have no other desires

You my dear are divine

sweet in scent 

tall but small

rare and childlike

I feel something with you


The days linger for long moments of peace

expansion on my heart is called for

I must make space or I may explode

amplified matter yet clarity, less chatter

I feel the warmth of your bones and the tenderness of your flesh

moving pulsing breathing gushing


I have no other desires

I have but one smooth line of light

the source is made of both

inside myself and you were right

This does feel good.

Yoga is Home

Yoga is my constant, Yoga is my home.

When practicing Asana's it's as if each pose were a building block for a strong, stable, harmonic structure. A consistent practice is like cleaning and reinforcing my home, which we all know takes time and effort. I'm not perfect, sometimes I break too. 

Early summer, I was taking a trip out west. I arrived at the airport at 5AM, hopped out of my dad's car and swung my heavy carry on over my shoulder, then crouched down to stuff a last minute item in my bag, when all of a sudden..crrick. I felt it and heard it right in my lower back. My lower back of all places! The one place that I tell people I know I can help you heal. The truth is, your going to have to heal yourself. 

There is no cure all, there is only diligence. Healing is not magic in the way we think of magic, being quick, whimsicle and instant. It is the magic of the mundane. The day to day miracle of making things happen. The moment to moment management of time that creates new illusions to release old ones. 

For me this trip out west is opening me up to the present moment. The injury forced me to do more yoga. Laying down in the San Francisco airport, doing very simple back traction poses to release my lower back, I got a sweet nod of approval from traveling comrades. Yes, I am in San Francisco where they have a yoga studio in their airport. But, when you are being true to yourself people like you automatically because you are loving yourself, which gives them permission to do the same.

I’ve always loved the saying, “People who mind don’t matter, people who matter don’t mind.”

You have probably done some form of yoga without even realizing it. Deep penetrating focus of an accountant or musician, calm collectiveness of a doctor or healer, spacious expansiveness of a dancer, creative centeredness of an artist. All things in life are automatically in union with each other. This is yoga.

When we practice aknowledging it we are free from suffering and there fore full of more ease and unity based thinking.