Private Yoga Therapy Sessions: This is ideal for people with limited range of motion, medical conditions, joint pain or replacements, concern about an injury or recovery. This is also the option for people dealing with mental disabilities ect.. Contact me with questions.

$100 for 1hr session, $275 for 3 1hr sessions, $450 for 5 1hr sessions

$125 for 1.5 hr session

General Alignment and Personal Growth sessions: This is ideal for someone who wants to deepen their personal practice or refocus their life, ease mobility in their body, enhance their ability to manifest and create ease of mind.

$80 for 1 hr session. $225 for 3 sessions, $400 for 5.

Soul Singing Alignment: Vocal toning and development of the voice for singing and speaking your truth. Songs and affirmations to achieve greater peace of mind or achieve goals.

$80 per 1 hr session, same as above.

Group Movement Classes: Grab your family or friends and do Yoga or Dance together!!

$150 flat rate for groups of 3 or more, +travel expenses.


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