"Having Noelle as a yoga teacher in both a classroom and a one-on-one setting, I can say with confidence that she is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had. She is incredibly kind, patient, and knowledgeable in her practice. I have suffered with back pain for the past couple years and Noelle worked with me to develop a yoga routine that is gentle on my back and has helped build-up my strength to ease the pain. But what I have found so special about learning from Noelle, is that she is incredibly present in her understanding of the connection between physical and spiritual pain. Through her teaching she creates space for wholistic healing practice. I first came to her class while I was working through grief and insecurity and found her class to be a safe place to feel, breathe, grieve, and grow. Noelle is excellent at what she does because she builds spaces to practice forgiveness and love in the depth of each stretch."- LM

"Sessions with Noelle involved discussing my issues, taking some photos (before and after!) and receiving detailed instruction for specific poses until I felt the subtle differences that benefitted my back, shoulders and neck. Poses were then suggested for home practice. Tensions in all areas eased up and I'm able to continue these practices and feel more confident in them. An added benefit was having Noelle stress relaxation and deep breathing along with the more strenuous work. Obviously just being more able to calm and relax myself helps the stiff muscles. The "after" pictures were encouraging. I definitely improved with individual instruction." - NW